Little Stars PLAYhouse is scheduled to open this September 2021!

Construction of the PLAYhouse started after a Shovels in the Ground event last August 2020. Children who inspired the idea of the PLAYhouse put their shovels in the ground to start off the construction project at 681 Selkirk Ave.

event-picture-2August 2020

After a year of construction, the PLAYhouse is in the finishing stages and is scheduled to open its doors in September 2021.

little-stars-pjune-2021-layhouse-opening-september June 2021

The PLAYhouse will be a truly unique, family-centred approach to early childhood development in Winnipeg’s North End, perfectly situated on 681 Selkirk Ave. to make meaningful change in the lives of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable children and families.

The Little Stars PLAYhouse is an act of reconciliation with the children and families being involved in every step of the process of designing the PLAYhouse and the programming that will take place.  24 childcare spots and 8 flex spots which will allow other parents/caregivers to bring their children in to participate and to bond through the “Powers of Play” and learn important parenting skills in a nurturing environment.  The children who come to join with their families get the social interaction of other children. After hours, the centre will transform into a vibrant hub for music lessons, art classes, and cultural programming.

We are *Calling for Donations* to help us finish furnishing the Little Stars PLAYhouse by donating items through Amazon.